The Learn In Public Community

The core idea behind learning in public is a relatively simple one: to share your skill development online while you work toward a particular goal.

Though the idea is simple, the execution is not.

But if you surround yourself with a group of people that is also taking the brave steps of learning in public, you’ll have the support to continue your own journey as you work toward your goal.

The Benefits Of Community

The Learn In Public Community - Doug Neill

Shared Resources

Within this community we are building up a set of resources that will give each of us the tools that we need to share our skill development online.

Personalized Strategies

By seeing how others are learning in public you’ll be able to pull in the techniques that resonate with you as you refine your own strategy.


By connecting with this community you’ll gain both the motivation and the confidence to regularly share your work with others.

Community Webinars

The core event within this community are the weekly webinars, which occur on Wednesday’s at 12:00pm Pacific Time. Those webinars give you the opportunity to see the faces and hear the voices of others who are on this journey with you.

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    Topical Deep Dives

    Together we’ll explore the specific techniques and challenges of learning in public.

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    Immediate Feedback

    Bounce your ideas off of others in real time as you refine your learn in public strategy.

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    Up-To-Date Resources

    Share current and relevant resources to help each other do good work with the tools of today.

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    Archived For Future Viewing

    Each webinar is recorded and archived for those who can’t make it live and so that new community members can explore past topics.

Every seventh week we take a small-scale sabbatical: a week in which no webinar occurs in order to engage in other activities and return refreshed.

Next Webinar: Wednesday, January 11th at 12:00pm Pacific Time (UTC -8)

Community Forums

The forums allow you to continue the conversation throughout the week as you put into practice your strategy for learning in public.

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    Progress Log

    Track the progress that you make each week and update us on how your strategy evolves.

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    Q & A

    Ask questions and share resources to help yourself and others learn in public.

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    Follow up on the conversations that occur during the weekly webinars.

Join The Community

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