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I’m Going To Ecuador

Well that materialized quickly.

Just last night I came up with the idea for a week-long trip to Ecuador, and before I went to sleep I had booked a Friday flight and a hostel for when I get there.

This impromptu trip came about as I was looking for a place to run away to for the weekend to finish The Learn In Public Workbook.

My first thought was to find a cabin in the woods, but unfortunately I don’t have a car and renting a cabin costs money.

What I do have are airline miles, and I just used all of them to cover the round-trip flight to Quito and the hostel I’ll be staying in.

My plan: use the 30 hours of time in the air, along with my mornings in Quito, to edit, illustrate, and design the workbook. In the afternoons and evenings I’ll explore the city and try to catch up with old friends (I spent a year in Ecuador a decade ago).

In a way, this trip is the realization of a goal I’ve been working toward for years: the creation of an independent career that allows for this type of spur-of-the-moment travel.

So I’ve got the next four days to plan for the trip and get done what needs to get done!

Pre-Ecuador To-Do List - Doug Neill - Learn In Public

Oh, and some other good news: I contributed a number of illustrations to Chris Guillebeau‘s new book Born for This!

Not a bad way to start the week.

Music by Otis McDonald.

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