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Episode #1 of many!┬áLet’s start learning.

Question Of The Day

What questions do you have about this concept of learning in public?

Let me know with a comment below!


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  1. Hey there Doug,

    I’m intrigued by the first video and i guess the most obvious (and big) question is why learn in public? Isn’t someone who learns in public potentially exposing themselves to looking like an idiot? What are the benefits to making your learning public? Aaaaand, are you going to be learning something publically during the course as well?

    Which is actually lots of questions!

    Cheers, Kathryn

    1. Profile photo of Doug Neill Post

      Hi Kathryn, great questions! I respond to your first question in the video on the home page – check that out if you haven’t already. Second question: Yep! But I think that risk is worth it, and I think the way you approach the sharing (from a learner’s perspective) and the demonstration of improvement over time are ways to get around that. Third question: to me this is the same as the first question. Fourth question: Yes! I’m really excited about that actually – check out the video titled “What I’m Learning In Public.” Thanks again for the questions!

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