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The Insight Engine

Learn In Public Episode #4

Here’s a momentum-building cycle that will provide you with insight after insight throughout the weeks, months, and years that you keep it running:

Learn -> Make -> Reflect -> Communicate

Keep that going and you’ll be just fine.


Question Of The Day:


When was the last time that you had a significant insight, and what were the circumstances surrounding that insight?


Let me know with a comment below.

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  1. My significant insight into why is it that I am engaged in this inner struggle regarding cutting back on my work hours? Insight: Work is the place that I am most able to function closest to my pre accident form. This tells me why it’s so difficult to cut back,give myself time engage in some of life’s joys and tasks outside of work(none of which are now easy or painless), most of which I thoroughly once enjoyed; many of which were creative. Now,at least, I know why I am struggling.

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