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The Learn In Public Workbook: The Edit

Now that I’ve completed the first written draft of The Learn In Public Workbook and I’ve got some rough initial sketches in place, it’s time to tackle the edit.

Here’s how I’ll be doing that:

The Learn In Public Workbook - The Edit (Close Up) - Doug Neill

Step 1: Visual Storyboard

While I’m reading over the written draft with my initial sketches on hand, I’m going to fill in any gaps on the visual side so that I can lay out a full visual storyboard of the workbook.

I’ve got the big-picture structure of the workbook down, but I want to make sure that each individual section within the workbook is structured well too.

That’s what the visual storyboard will allow me to do – see everything at once to make sure that the flow of information and activities is as clear and as engaging as I want it to be.

Step 2: Rewrite The Text

Once that visual storyboard looks good, I’ll turn my focus back to the text of the workbook.

I’ll edit one section at a time, pulling the best parts of the first draft and using the storyboard as a reference for additions and to maintain the overall flow.

In this step my goal is to make the writing as clean and concise as possible, in a way that merges well with the visuals.

Step 3: High-Quality Illustrations

After the rewrite I’ll return to the visuals, creating high-quality illustrations from each scene of the storyboard.

I’ll start each in pencil, then ink it, then scan it in and vectorize it so that it’s then ready to drop into the workbook.

Step 4: Design The Workbook

In this final step I’ll bring together the verbal and the visual by combining the written text with the illustrations on a page-by-page basis.

Though I’ve used Adobe InDesign in the past, this time I’m going to try using the much-simpler app Keynote.

Since the final version of this workbook will be a downloadable PDF, my goal is to make it an enjoyable read on a screen while also providing printable pages for the actionable steps within the book.

Due to an impromptu trip to Ecuador (during which I’ll be completing all of the steps above!), I’m moving the release date from February 2nd to the 5th.

You can pre-order the workbook here.

Time to get to work!



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  1. Hi Doug, I just pre-ordered your the workbook. I’m really looking forward to it. One question: Will those that per-ordered get access to the final version?

    Thanks, best of luck to you! SRM

    1. Profile photo of Doug Neill Post

      Hi Shirley,

      Thanks for pre-ordering the workbook! Absolutely – you’ll get automatic updates at no extra cost each time I improve it or add something to it (I’ve got lots of ideas brewing!!!).


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