Turning The Learn In Public Workbook Into A Course - Doug Neill

Turning The Learn In Public Workbook Into A Full Course

I’m excited to announce a big update coming to The Learn In Public Workbook: I’m turning it into a full video-based course!

Though I enjoyed putting together the PDF workbook, I’ve realized that the sketched video format is my favorite way to share ideas, and I think that a video-based course (with downloadable worksheets and activities) will be more valuable than the workbook alone.

Turning The Learn In Public Workbook Into A Course - Doug Neill

If you have already picked up the workbook, then you will get access to the video-based course at no additional cost.

If you haven’t picked up the workbook yet, then now is the time!

On May 18th at 12:00pm PDT (UTC -7) I’ll be hosting a Q & A webinar for anyone who has purchased the workbook. During that webinar we’ll be able to dig deeper than the material in the workbook and I’ll be able to respond to your specific questions.

That conversation will be tremendously helpful as I then move on to developing the course.

But only those who have bought the workbook will get the invite, so go grab it!

Looking forward to chatting with you soon.


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  1. Hi Doug – I’ve looked up Pacific time on http://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/pst and there seems to be more than one Pacific Time. Can you tell me what your 12:00pm Pacific Time is in UTC – The World’s Time Standard? Since an internet presence suggests an international following, a local time is not a lot of help to those of us outside that locality! We all know our own local offset to UTC but not necessarily to one of the many on the other side of the world… Sorry I didn’t include sketches of clock and world – you see, your images as well as your words are already making an impression . I’m really looking forward to the next step in ‘Learn in Public’ – the workbook is brilliantly realised. Thanks in advance, Tom

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      Hi Tom! We’re currently in Pacific Daylight Time, which it UTC -7. In about five months we’ll switch to Pacific Standard Time, which is UTC -8. Sorry for not clarifying that earlier! Hope to see you in the May 18th webinar 🙂

  2. Hello Doug,

    Just a quick note to further my refections on the Learn in Public Workbook.

    As I’ve said in the Hangout yesterday, my biggest need is a welcoming and non-judgemental audience who will help me get better and tolerate my (spectacular) blunders. I learn by making (spectacular) mistakes and need people who will not mind them or laugh at me. Rather, I need people who will help me analyse the blunders and help me correct them. For me, this community could be found in forums or in person/webinars, though I usually prefer forums. Further than that, I need resource people/specialists who can answer technical questions and at times mentor. Since every learning project is different, those mentors will differ greatly from one project to another. For a guidebook or course itself, because it would be used by people who are learning vastly different things, and because I would be using it for diametrically different learning experiences each time, I need it to be flexible enough to adapt to each person and each learning experience. In other words, I do not need a formula for learning in public. I do not need a how-to. I need orienting steps, guideposts, sets of questions to gauge the learning experience and the experience of doing it in public. As it stands now, the workbook is a lot of the latter, but it is still somewhat the former. As such, even if I have read it, through and through, I have not used it per se, not even the orange pages. I think it is a good start and is close to show-ready, but as is, it is not quite for me.

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      Hi Tournevis, thanks so much for these well thought out comments! I think that you are right in the need for a workbook/course on this topic to be flexible enough to apply to vastly different learning experiences. And the suggestion of moving more toward orienting steps/guideposts/questions and away from a strict formula is very helpful. Thanks again for being a part of yesterday’s conversation, and for the follow-up here!

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