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Using Snapchat As A Tool For Learning In Public

I’ve become a bit enamored with Snapchat lately. Here are five reasons why I’m finding it to be a useful tool for learning in public:

1: Playfulness

I’ve recognized that when I can approach my life and my work with a sense of play, not only do I enjoy the process more, I think the results turn out better as well.

With its goofy filters, the ability to draw on top of photos and videos, and the general culture surrounding Snapchat, it makes it so much easier to enter that state of play and stay there throughout the day.

2: Behind-the-scenes

One component of learning in public is to share the behind-the-scenes of the work that you’re doing. Snapchat makes it easy to do that with photos and videos.

By capturing the rough sketches that preceded more polished work, you bring your audience along with you on the creative journey, which makes them feel that much more connected to your work.

3: Interactive

While they’re watching the behind-the-scenes, your audience can send you a direct message with a video or a text chat asking a question or providing some encouragement. The one-on-one nature of those Snapchat messages makes it easier to be human and to develop a real connection with others as you build a community around your work.

4: Keep on track

One of my favorite things about the now-defunct daily vlog of mine was the fact that it kept me on track throughout the day. Since I’m using Snapchat with a similar daily-vlog-style approach, it’s serving that same purpose.

Since I know that I’m telling a story about my day, it makes it that much easier to stay on track and not get distracted. By starting my Snapchat story with my plans for the day, I’ve set in place a mechanism for accountability, no matter how many people actually watch my story.

5: Ease of use

In contrast to the time and effort it took to edit the daily vlog at the end of the day, Snapchat is sooo easy to use, and it automatically creates a daily vlog for you!

I actually like the lower production value, and the face that it disappears after 24 hours. Each day is blank slate that you get to fill. (Plus you can download to your phone your full story any time you want, which I do sometimes for videos like this and just for my own records).


If you decide to give Snapchat a try, say hello! My username is dougneill.

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Music by Jeff Kaale.

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