Why I’m Exercising At Night

Learn In Public Episode #3

I think about routines quite a bit, and change my own constantly.

That continuous fine-tuning is worth it in my opinion, because your daily routines contribute significantly to your physical and emotional energy, two things that you need to be able to share your work with the world.

The past few days I’ve fallen into an unusual routine that has intrigued me – exercising at night, late at night, like midnight.

I fell into the routine because of long work days coupled with the desired to move around at the end of them.

The exercise itself will do my body good and keep me healthier than I would be otherwise.

But here’s the important part:

By planning on exercising at the end of my day, I eat and act healthier during it.

The knowledge of an evening workout (which I’m genuinely excited about because I enjoy running and shooting hoops) makes it easier to stay away from junk food and happy hour (I’ll save the latter for weekends).

What I also found, interestingly, is that I even have extra energy after the workout, more so than the energy I feel after a morning or mid-day workout. That means when I return home from the nearby 24-hour fitness, I eat some food and do a bit more creative work (like, say, editing a blog post) before I go to bed and sleep like a baby.

Who knows how long this late-night exercise routine will stay in place. For now I’m enjoying it as an experiment.

It’s 11:50pm as I write these words. Time to go hit the treadmill.

Question Of The Day


What daily routines keep your day on track?


Let me know with a comment below.

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  1. What daily routines keep your day on track?

    I’m a perpetual student constantly feeding my brain and learning new things and/or learning as much as I can about my profession (Agile Coaching), so the thing that keeps me on track is my morning To Do list re-prioritizing.

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  2. My current routine is to leave the house by a certain time each morning.

    It means I have to accomplish the essentials to get moving and presentable. Then I usually go to a coffee shop to set up for to work. I give myself a two-hour deadline to meet some goals and then it’s time to switch locations. Going some place new every two hours provides a little break and sets me up for another work block. I guess it’s a nomadic pomodoro method.

    1. Profile photo of Doug Neill Post

      Love it. I find myself doing a similar thing when working from coffee shops – right about the two-hour mark I get antsy and need to leave, and the walk to someplace new is really refreshing and I’m ready to go again.

  3. i Think that two hourly moving workspaces sounds great, Raven. I have different tables for different projects and move around that way. My morning routine – a really early two-hour walk and then a tea at my local cafe raise my energy and separate the proximity of bed and work-place. I take frequent Qi Gong breaks from work to keep myself flexible and energised. Making a daily podcast in the late afternoon creates another good anchor to my day. I also have a daily evening Skype work session which works well. Apart from that I can rather easily get off track!

    1. Profile photo of Doug Neill Post

      I like that idea of having different tables for different projects – that’s something that I hope to build into the art studio that I don’t yet own but hope to soon 🙂 Sounds like you’ve got a number of good things throughout your day to keep your momentum going!

  4. I am a morning person, so your routine of exercising at midnight fills me with HORROR. By midnight I’ve been tucked up in bed for a couple of hours.

    However, my best days are when I get up on first waking (rather than trying to sleep in), even if it’s 5am, make myself a cup of tea and then write my Morning Pages (from The Artists’ Way). Starting the day by sitting in the garden and clearing my head of all the obsessive ideas, junk thoughts and crabbiness means I get into the rest of my day with a clear head, a sense of purpose, calmness and generally feeling happy with my life, self and work.

    1. Profile photo of Doug Neill Post

      Love it! I’m a big fan of morning pages as well, and to be honest I think I do better when I emphasize a morning routine (similar to yours) rather than the late night routine that I described in this post (which I also enjoy but is less sustainable).

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